Fuel Delivery

We provide an automatic delivery schedule or if you call us (will call delivery) when you need fuel.

Two Week Delivery Schedule throughout the heating season!!

Unlike other fuel delivery companies we will show up every two or four weeks. We don’t utilize a program called degree days which estimates the fuel in your tank. Sometimes these calculations are wrong and you run out of fuel, we don’t gamble with your comfort or safety. This schedule allows you to budget more efficiently, by us showing up every few weeks you don’t get a massive bill out of nowhere, the bills are smaller and more manageable.

Plumbing and Heating

Al’s Fuel Customer Perks

Being a fuel customer of Al’s does come with benefits you won’t find anywhere else.


10% discount on labor rates for service or scheduled maintenance.

Emergency Rates

Most organizations increase their rates when your boiler or furnace stop working at one in the morning, or on a Sunday afternoon. Not us, if you’re a loyal oil customer then we want to help.